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What is Thermal Imaging? How will this help me? What does it cost??

A Thermal image is created by utilizing a camera capable of displaying an image from the stored and/or emitted heat of a given object as compared to the surrounding objects and environment. The image displays the variations of the heat in the objects with different colors much like weather radars displays a thunderstorm. This may oversimplify the complex science of thermal technology but it provides the homeowner a good explanation of how it works. The value of seeing a visual display of the variations in temperature to the homeowner is worth a thousand words.

A few of the major benefits of thermal imaging for homeowners include detecting energy efficiency problems, areas for insulation improvements, identification of hidden or unexposed moisture behind the wall or ceiling which are issues not readily visible to an inspector. It is also a very effective tool used to visually show the homeowner the thermal improvements after energy efficiency projects are completed. These attributes greatly enhance the effectiveness of a home inspector and provide the homeowner with tangible scientific data and documentation which can be used to make more informed decisions.
Typical Thermal Camera inspections cost between $100 and $200. The value added from this additional cost is extremely difficult to assess. When it comes to detecting moisture problems before they lead to interior wall damage, rot, mold or fungus growth, as well as an open invitation to various bugs including termites, the detection capabilities of the thermal camera are unsurpassed. Energy efficiency, improvements, and energy loss prevention are almost always a top priority of homeowners. Thermal Cameras can visually expose areas of energy loss through detecting deficiencies in insulation, seals around doors and windows, leaky HVAC ducts as well as many other problem areas. If these things are areas of concern for you and you want the most valuable and effective scientific data available then call us today to set up an Energy Audit. The thermal images and pictures of your home will say it all!

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